Sneak peak at a shirt design for @tfbclothing
21st Jul 201423:232 notes
One shot chest piece from yesterday. Thanks Celine you’re super tough! Would love to do more chest pieces! 

I only have a handful of appointments left for September. July/Aug are fully booked. If you’d like one of the Sept appointments send me an email!
19th Jul 201416:154 notes
From the one-off book above a healed @angeliquehoutkamp ..going all the way back to South Africa!
17th Jul 201405:2410 notes
Travel souvenirs for Lilian & Christy. Thank you ladies!
17th Jul 201405:216 notes
Honoured to add to Blake’s nice collection yesterday. Thanks buddy.. Enjoy your trip!
17th Jul 201405:165 notes
Fieke’s fancing pinup from the other week.
14th Jul 201420:0246 notes
HELP! I need to get these two some raincoats but there’s so many websites.. Any sausage or frenchie owners have any site/brand recommendations?
8th Jul 201405:077 notes
Walk in from last week all the way from Australia!
7th Jul 201402:5564 notes
Lisa’s little deer/summer scenery to match the wolf. Thanks for getting both of these in one go Lisa and safe travels!✈️
5th Jul 201416:305 notes
Little wolf/winter scenery on Lisa’s lower leg from the other day
5th Jul 201405:453 notes
Opaque  by  andbamnan