#fbf with @crvshingskvlls ..missing these Friday beer sessions with friends from home a lot this week🍻
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On Signe from Norway! Thanks for getting tattooed whilst on your holidays.. I have appointments free in October/November. If you’d like an appointment please email me on: toby@salonserpent.com
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Keep listening to music.. it gets you through everything. 

Love this cd at the moment..

Finished up Lukas’ 3/4 nautical sleeve today. Better photos to come in a few weeks when it’s all healed. Thanks for your commitment man and coming regularly to finish it.
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Looking for houses blows!

miketaughtme asked:



In the knee ditch. Thanks Byron.. Safe travels!
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Gap filler for Phil 👌
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Thanks Maddie
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Another from my one-off book
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Opaque  by  andbamnan