Please send me an email to with the following information..

- Please have the subject as SYD or MELB, include your name and contact information, what you want to get tattooed, where and how big. 

- Include all reference photos in the email and if it’s a ‘gap filler’ photos of the space too please. 

- Priority will go to existing clients and friends but I’ll fit in as many people as I can. Best ideas get the appointments! All appointments will need to pay a $100 deposit via PayPal otherwise you lose your spot. 

Please also no time wasters.. I’m not home for long and won’t be working much so need y’all to be serious about getting tattooed. it’s Xmas so if you think you won’t have money than please don’t email me and waste my time. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
30th Sep 201407:10
Some progress on Robins sleeve
24th Sep 201423:195 notes
Gap filler on Stacey. Love doing little Dutch flag bunting!
24th Sep 201408:0410 notes

If you could go anywhere right now
Where would you go?

I’m sorry I don’t laugh at the right times

Afternoon naps with this pork chop🙌
22nd Sep 201402:544 notes

pop punk just gets me

Tex the whippet on Rod. Thanks champ was heaps of fun!! Thanks for coming from Australia for this one👌
20th Sep 201408:282 notes
Walk-in Saturday tomorrow. Come make some memories with me from 12pm onwards.. 🙌
20th Sep 201405:522 notes
Added to Jeroens’ St Jerome themed half sleeve to finish it all off today. Solid first tattoo buddy👌
18th Sep 201407:183 notes
Opaque  by  andbamnan