Those Kriek sisters at it again @kriekfanny @ekekriek ..thanks ladies!
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Little camping scenery on Maartje’s back. Love doing these!
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Some shaking hands with rose petals and leaves in an odd gap on the inside of the arm
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I truly commend the people on this planet that dedicate their lives to the preservation of the animals on this earth and the earth itself. We really are destroying this beautiful planet we live on. Each of us does something daily that contributes to the destruction of this earth, including me. It’s overwhelming. Where do you start the change? Can you truly live a life that will directly help to take one step backwards in regards to global warming and climate change, to the destruction of habitats, species, we over fish, we factory farm, we pump pollution into the atmosphere at an astronomical rate. Where do you start to change?.. I’m a firm believer that I’ll never have children because I don’t want to bring a child into a world that our generation has created. Hopefully by the time I die things change for the good and those that come after us can enjoy it and reverse the affects of what we have created. I’m rambling but I hope to one day have my own little piece of land where I do my best to be self sustaining. Good luck to us all.

Sneak peak at a shirt design for @tfbclothing
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One shot chest piece from yesterday. Thanks Celine you’re super tough! Would love to do more chest pieces! 

I only have a handful of appointments left for September. July/Aug are fully booked. If you’d like one of the Sept appointments send me an email!
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From the one-off book above a healed @angeliquehoutkamp ..going all the way back to South Africa!
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Travel souvenirs for Lilian & Christy. Thank you ladies!
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Honoured to add to Blake’s nice collection yesterday. Thanks buddy.. Enjoy your trip!
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Fieke’s fancing pinup from the other week.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan