SWEDEN! I’ve had 2 cancellations for next weekend when I’m at @crookedmoonhbg in Helsingborg. If you’d like to get tattooed please send me an email to toby@salonserpent.com
20th Oct 201404:531 note
More from this week. Thanks Maartje, Rob & Thomas
18th Oct 201419:536 notes
Another one for Ludovic. Thanks buddy!
18th Oct 201419:4911 notes
The classic cover up.. Thanks Bianca
18th Oct 201419:475 notes
From my flash on the side of the knee
14th Oct 201404:592 notes
Done in Paris @handinglovetattoo walk-in Sunday
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Done in Paris @handinglovetattoo walk-in Sunday
13th Oct 201404:295 notes
Solid first session on my boy @dstroytroy stomach/ribs. Finish it up at the end of the month.
12th Oct 201408:1813 notes
Finished up Robins 3/4 sleeve this week and some progress on Hans’ sleeve
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PARIS! Tomorrow I’m at @handinglovetattoo with @kimanh_n @cokney @classicjustin & @gaser142 tattooing from 12pm onwards. First come first served. From flash only. See you there!
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Opaque  by  andbamnan