WALK-IN SATURDAY TOMORROW! We’re not open next Saturday so it’s your last chance for a couple of weeks. Pick from one-off designs or flash! If it’s busy we don’t have time to draw anything so please be willing to pick something from the books or the wall. See you tomorrow from 12pm till 7pm🙌 (at Salon Serpent)

Cobra/Rose combo for tomorrow✨
18th Apr 201400:181 note
Filled a bunch of gaps on Job’s arm today around some nice @kimanh_n @jobdequaypdc tattoos and another artists. Thanks buddy
17th Apr 201404:375 notes
Drawing up some new hiking/exploring themed one-off designs for my book. If you’re coming for walk-in Saturday this week come early! I think it’s going to be busy!
16th Apr 201422:0510 notes
Progress on Jeroen’s half sleeve. Lines and some black healed. Finishing up the outside first then adding to the inside. Really enjoying all the sleeves I’ve been doing lately!  (at Salon Serpent)
16th Apr 201420:26
Come get tattooed today. Pick from the one-off design books or from flash on the wall! 12pm - 7pm. First in first served!
12th Apr 201417:192 notes
Progress on Daphne’s sleeve.. (at Salon Serpent)
11th Apr 201423:507 notes
#fbf to when I came to holland for holidays a couple of years ago and said I’d move here… And I did! Today’s the youngest you’re ever going to be!.. I’m a big believer in putting your mind to something and achieving it. It might not happen over night but it’ll happen. LTD
11th Apr 201416:557 notes
Interpretation of the Hindenburg.. Thanks Gavino👌 (at Salon Serpent)
10th Apr 201405:422 notes
Thanks Boudewijn 🙌  (at Salon Serpent)
9th Apr 201403:403 notes
Opaque  by  andbamnan