Added to Jeroens’ St Jerome themed half sleeve to finish it all off today. Solid first tattoo buddy👌
18th Sep 201407:182 notes

Still love these dudes!

Gangster dude to match up with the healed pirate lady on Ludovics thighs. Thanks for always travelling from Paris man👌
17th Sep 201417:5415 notes
Wish I was in the park reading instead of work today
16th Sep 201416:5910 notes

Here have another one..

Listen to: Bridges by The Hungry Mile

Miss playing drums! Here’s something I recorded with my old band from a few years back when I still had time to play in a band..

Listen to: Lies by The Hungry Mile

On Arlo from Australia. I love doing eagles! Thanks buddy and safe travels 👌
12th Sep 201418:513 notes
love this little chicken wing
11th Sep 201407:174 notes
Lukas’ 3/4 nautical sleeve all healed up. Thanks for coming from Germany each month to get it finished buddy!
7th Sep 201423:2010 notes
Details of Lukas’ sleeve all healed up
7th Sep 201423:185 notes
Opaque  by  andbamnan